Medium candle making kit
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Medium candle making kit

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Looking for something fun & calming to do on your night in? 

This Make you me own candle kit is for YOU! 

2 small glass vessels (80 grams each) 

2 mini tins (25 grams each) 

1 medium tin (200 grams) 

5 wicks

5 stickums

6 wick holders

5 warning labels

410 grams Golden soy wax flakes

1 melting pot

1 pouring jug 

1 stirrer 

1 thermometer 

1 measuring cup 

1 scent 

1 bag of glitter 

1 step by step guide 

 PLEASE NOTE: Allow 7 working days for orders over 10  

Feeling concerned about making your candles alone? Why not add on an online workshop? Only available when purchasing a kit! I will go through all the steps with you & I’ll be available for any questions that pop up! ❤️